Know Me!!

My name is Abhishek Dwivedi , I work in e-commerce platform engineering & marketing automation technology space at Cimpress.

I have an MBA degree from S.P.Jain and minor in computer science from Kanpur University.  Overall 17+ years of experience in product development & management with core focus on greenfield technology teams set-up , micro-services , machine learning & solution building alongside new product launches.

I love to work in various design paradigms like MVC, Multi-tier, Micro-services, Event-driven architecture stack. Hands-on with multiple programming/scripting languages/stacks like Java, node.js & JavaScript

What I strive for and continuously improve upon:
1. Conceptualize & Build / Find applications which can provide strategic edge to organizations
2. Budgeting / Building / Hiring Team and grooming managers
3. Build Product Portfolio that would compliment the technology stack
4. Process Set-up and stabilization

My intention is to write about things which happen around me or observations that may sound relevant. Sticking to one topic or making a deep-dive into another beyond a certain level is not my forte nor can I beat the best in the field. I would stick to parallel thoughts and avoid effect of gravity on my writing!!

To know more about me professionally view my profile on LinkedIn

and yes it is never too late to blog!!

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