µ-services – Enabling Agile Development

I got an opportunity to share my insights in CIOReview Mag. - March 17 edition. You are either building software… or losing to someone who is – @littleidea Technology plays a pivotal role today on how we deliver to our business objectives. The choice of technology can determine over a period of time how business … Continue reading µ-services – Enabling Agile Development

Monolith 2 Microservices @ OSI2016

I have been little inactive for past few weeks & somewhat busy doing too many things ! I spent two days in Bengaluru participating as well speaking at Open Source India 2016. It was  a great experience and lovely audience to interact with. I had chosen to speak on microservices and how this is an evolving … Continue reading Monolith 2 Microservices @ OSI2016

API Economy : Vertical v/s Horizontal

What is a vertical API In simple terms these are industry specific solutions powered using API stack. So as more and more API get exposed to users , there is also a new trend catching up where API adoption is expanding to provide industry specific solution. Horizontal versus Vertical API As companies across the world are … Continue reading API Economy : Vertical v/s Horizontal

Speaking @ 11th Open Source India Conference

11th Open Source India / 7th - 8th November 2014 http://osidays.com/osidays/speaker-lineup/abhishek-dwivedi/ I will be speaking at Open Source India (OSI)  a premier Open Source conference in Asia targeted at nurturing and promoting the Open Source ecosystem in the subcontinent. Started as Linux Asia in 2004, OSI has been at the helm of bringing together the Open Source … Continue reading Speaking @ 11th Open Source India Conference

Amazon Redshift Light Analysis

Good The ability to provision huge databases as needed, without going through a costly and slow procurement process to obtain the hardware and software The ability to scale to handle huge databases, perhaps well beyond the petabyte range The potential to use an elastic set of resources to return result sets with enough speed to … Continue reading Amazon Redshift Light Analysis